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Chief Technology Officer

Vladimir Slepushkin, MD, PhD

Dr. Vladimir Slepushkin is the Global Head of Manufacturing at MedTherapy Biotechnology. He is leading all functions associated with manufacturing of CAR-T cells and viral vectors.

Previously he was Executive Director of Vector Technology at Autolus Therapeutics, leading process development for manufacturing of lentivirus vectors in suspension cell culture, guiding assay development to support process development for lentiviral vectors, managing CMO for GMP vector production and T-cell processing. Earlier, at Novartis Pharmaceutical, Dr. Vladimir served as Director of CMC, Vector Design and Cell Line Development for CAR-T cancer gene therapy. Dr. Slepushkin was also directing research vector core, and providing lentiviral, retroviral and AAV vectors for Kite Pharma, a CAR-T cell cancer gene therapy company. He proved successful in developing novel high-quality products by managing diverse technical groups and cross-functional teams, developing first-in-class clinical product from scratch, including facilities, equipment, manufacturing process, quality systems, regulatory CMC submissions and clinical trials design.

He has proven expertise in technically understanding and leading the development and improvement of cell culture and purification processes, and operations and analytical methods, adhering to customer, regulatory, safety and environmental requirements and guidelines. Vladimir is experienced in identifying and resolving regulatory and manufacturing technical problems, as well as intellectual property assessment and licensing. He has authored 61 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and he’s an author on 14 patents and patent applications.

Dr. Slepushkin holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, from D.I. Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Moscow, Russia, and a M.D. from Moscow Medical Institute, Moscow, Russia.

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