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Partners Overview


  • Founded by the leading experts on cancer gene therapy from Harvard University and former Novartis experts;
  • Partnership with global experts in cell, gene and immunotherapies from prestigious private and public institutions from US, Europe and Asia;


  • Full-service, end-to-end, integrated, CAR-T cell gene therapy biotech Global manufacturing facilities;
  • In-house global scale GMP manufacturing facilities, and, in-house large scale virus vector manufacturing facilities
  • Proprietary manufacturing processes and platform for cell, gene and immunotherapies;
  • One of the most advanced, brand new, state of art futuristic 21st century manufacturing facilities for cell, gene and immunotherapies;
  • One of the shortest manufacturing time for CAR-T cell therapies;
  • One of the most de-risked CAR-T cell therapy biotech companies due to parallel business strategies;
  • One of the most cost-effective manufacturers in the world for cell, gene and immunotherapies;